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Chief officer of West Mercia Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre celebrates ten years in the role

Evesham Journal: SUPPORT: Jocelyn Anderson is celebrating ten years of heading up the West Mercia Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre.

1:37pm Thursday 17th July 2014

THE chief officer of a Worcester-based rape and sexual abuse support centre said she is "amazed" at how much she has seen the service grow.

Discover secrets of old bones at the Infirmary Medical Museum in Worcester this month

Evesham Journal: HISTORY: The Infirmary Medical Museum launches its Family Summer Programme next week.

4:59pm Tuesday 15th July 2014

VISITORS to the University of Worcester's City Campus can discover the secrets of bones found at the site during a special event.

Intrepid couple walk 570 miles across Spain for charity

Evesham Journal: CHALLENGE: Parul Rabheru and Andrew Hine arrive at Santiago Cathedral.

4:47pm Thursday 10th July 2014

THE thought of walking 100 miles would be a scary thought for most people.

Spectacular regimental parade planned for Worcester

Evesham Journal:

10:25am Wednesday 9th July 2014

DETAILS of a spectacular parade marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War and the 150th anniversary of a Worcester regiment have been revealed.

Worcester is "alive with rats", says pest control firm owner

Evesham Journal: Cannibal rats invading Cornish beaches.... not likely

2:53pm Tuesday 1st July 2014

THE city of Worcester is alive with rats, a local pest control company has claimed.

Crop circle is "vandalism, not art", says fed-up farmer

Evesham Journal: The crop circle has appeared in a field near Pershore, photographed by Nigel Pritchett.

8:08am Wednesday 25th June 2014

A CROP circle, featuring a star design, has appeared in a field off Harewell Lane, in Besford, near Pershore.

Energy drinks banned after youth club trouble

Evesham Journal: IT’S A WHOLE CAN OF PROBLEMS: David Kemp and Charlotte Fox are against young people consuming energy drinks.

7:30pm Friday 11th October 2013

ALCOHOL is not the only drink banned at one youth club. Bromyard Youth Group has now stopped members from consuming energy drinks at its headquarters in the town’s Heritage Centre.

Party Season SOS

Evesham Journal: LUSH: Pow Wow festive lip scrub

10:48am Tuesday 13th December 2011

CHRISTMAS is a time when anything could go wrong – presents arriving late, running out of wrapping paper, burning the turkey – here’s how to stay off the naughty list this Christmas.

The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse

Evesham Journal: The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse

10:38am Tuesday 13th December 2011

IF YOU'RE running out of present ideas, and you know someone who will appreciate a good book, then The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse, will make the perfect gift this Christmas.

Something for Everyone - Christmas Treats

Evesham Journal: LUSH: Wrapped gift sets

9:04am Thursday 10th November 2011

EVERYONE is surely well aware of the fact that Christmas is nearly upon us. Whether the majority of your shopping is done and you need a few extras, or you've yet to begin, here are a few ideas for some delightful festive treats.

Halloween; All Treats No Tricks

Evesham Journal: LUSH: 'Skullduggery' bath bomb

3:45pm Monday 17th October 2011

THE long nights are drawing in, and the temperatures are slowly dropping. Soon the veil between the living and the dead will be at its thinnest...so why not celebrate?

Get Knits this Autumn!

Evesham Journal: Berry treggings

11:00am Thursday 29th September 2011

ALTHOUGH the sun is still trying to warm us up, there is no escaping the chill in the air. It's best to be prepared for another cold Autumn with the latest fashions, from knit-wear to wellies.

Pretty and Professional; The Office Look

Evesham Journal: Max Factor, False Lash Effect

2:20pm Thursday 29th September 2011

FINDING the right balance in the office when it comes to make up can be tough.

Madeleine: Our Daughter's Disappearance and the Continuing Search for Her - Kate McCann

Evesham Journal: Madeleine: Our Daughter's Disappearance and the Continuing Search for Her - Kate McCann

11:06am Monday 19th September 2011

Everyone knows the story of Madeleine McCann. Whether you watched it on the news, read about it in the papers, or discussed it with friends and family as many did, everyone has heard about the little girl who was snatched from her bed whilst on holiday in Portugal, on Thursday May 3, 2007.

Alternative Beauty-The Milky Way

Evesham Journal: Chunky goats milk soap, It's Baaath Time

12:43pm Thursday 15th September 2011

When I think of goats' milk, I think simply of the alternative to cows' milk, that you may choose to put in your tea, pour on your breakfast, or just drink at your leisure. I never imagined that it could be a very healthy alternative in an every day beauty routine

Alexander McQueen - Endless Beauty

Evesham Journal: McQUEEN: The man himself

12:37pm Thursday 15th September 2011

The life of Lee Alexander McQueen was a life that was both inspirational and tragic; inspirational in that he truly made his own way, his only tools being strong self-belief and an astonishing raw talent. The tragedy lies in the fact that it all ended so soon.

The Body Shop-Laid Bare

Evesham Journal: FOUNDED: Anita Roddick

9:42am Wednesday 31st August 2011

The first thing I think of when The Body Shop is mentioned is the beautiful smell of their shower gels. I am certainly not the only one who delights in smelling gorgeous whilst knowing that I am treating my body well at the same.

Jean Paul Gaultier- Limitless Beauty

Evesham Journal: LIMITLESS: Jean Paul Gaultier

9:15am Wednesday 31st August 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier is a true master of fashion. Not only does he have an eye for what will be the next big thing, he truly appreciates all kinds of beauty. He doesn't live by fashion's 'ideals'. He makes his own.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Evesham Journal: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

9:30am Friday 2nd September 2011

If you read just one more book in your entire life, then make sure that you read 'Anna Karenina', the epic novel by Leo Tolstoy.

Classics: Wuthering Heights byEmily Brontë

Evesham Journal: Classics: Wuthering Heights byEmily Brontë

10:30am Friday 19th August 2011

EVERYONE has heard of Wuthering Heights-the song or the book, either way you have heard of it-and it is a book that very much deserves to be read by everyone.

LUSH: Handmade Happiness

Evesham Journal: SCRUB: LUSH sugar scrub for smoother skin.

10:32am Thursday 18th August 2011

EVERYBODY loves LUSH. If you don't, you probably haven't tried one of the many beautifully crafted, handmade products that LUSH has to offer.

Fashion Designer: Gareth Pugh- Out of this World

Evesham Journal: DESIGNER: Gareth Pugh

10:24am Thursday 18th August 2011

BLACK and white. Light and dark. Right and wrong. Gareth Pugh is a fashion designer that thrives on contrasts to help him create some of the most striking outfits of current times.

The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

Evesham Journal: The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

10:00am Friday 5th August 2011

IMAGINE waking up unable to see, quite alone and hearing nothing but silence occasionally broken by horrible groans.

Nivea: 100 Years of Beauty

Evesham Journal: ORIGINAL - Nivea tub

10:30am Thursday 4th August 2011

IN DECEMBER 2011, Nivea will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. Over the last century, Nivea has remained a leading brand in skin-care and is a firm favourite with men, women and children all over the world.

Carri Mundane - Virtual Insanity

Evesham Journal: Carri Mundane

10:30am Tuesday 2nd August 2011

CARRI MUNDANE is the genius behind the fashion label known as Cassette Playa. However, despite the name, her designs are anything but mundane. Taking her inspiration from both real and virtual worlds, Mundane truly has created a psychedelic monster.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Evesham Journal: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

3:44pm Friday 22nd July 2011

I HAVE found throughout the years that most people avoid 'classics' like the plague. From school we often learn to despise Shakespeare and shun any book over twenty years old.

Fashion Designers

Evesham Journal: Issey Miyake- Eastern Pride

10:50am Thursday 14th July 2011

ISSEY Miyake has always been a man full of ideas and contradictions. Born from these clashing concepts are clothes so clever, extreme and extraordinary that you would have to see them to believe them.

Summer Accessories; The Kids Look Alright

Evesham Journal: Ted Baker reversible sun hat

9:48am Thursday 14th July 2011

WITH Posh and Becks having just welcomed their first baby girl into the world, you can only imagine how much fun Victoria will have dressing little Harper in all the latest designer gear.

Ready to Hit the Beach? Flaunt Your Perfect Skin

Evesham Journal: Lip and Eye cream, The Organic Pharmacy

2:00pm Thursday 7th July 2011

IT'S holiday time at last. Now that school's out families are flocking to the seaside. So don't be caught out this summer and be sure to look your beach-babe best.

Fashion Designers

Evesham Journal: Vivienne Westwood

2:49pm Monday 4th July 2011

FOR years she has been pushing boundaries. She is innovative, uncompromising and quintessentially British.

Colour Blocking; New Kids on the Block

Evesham Journal: Colour Blocking; New Kids on the Block

10:00am Thursday 23rd June 2011

A SHORT trip along the High Street will be enough to prove that colour is plentiful, whether it be in one solid block or thick stripes of colour

Icon - Lady Gaga- The Monster Mash

Evesham Journal: Gaga wearing Kermit the Frog

8:38am Monday 20th June 2011

Fashion Icon of the Noughties; Lady Gaga- The Monster Mash

The Look for Less; Budgeting Beauty

Evesham Journal: Rose Bow headwrap, New Look, £3,99

12:56pm Monday 6th June 2011

SUMMER can be a very expensive time; holidays and festivals don't come cheap. But forget the bucket and spade this year, because you won't have to dig deep for this Summer's hottest trends.

Fashion Icon of the 1990s; Kurt Cobain - Come As You Are

Evesham Journal: Kurt Cobain

12:49pm Friday 3rd June 2011

WHEN questioned on what they remember most about the 1990s, most people I asked said 'denim', 'grunge' or, of course, 'Cobain.'

Festival Fresh; The Bare Necessities

Evesham Journal: Festival Fresh; The Bare Necessities

12:16pm Friday 20th May 2011

WITH Summer comes days of festival fun, whether it be The Big Chill, Download or Glastonbury.

Fashion Icon of the 1980s; Madonna-Blonde Ambition

Evesham Journal: Madonna, Like a VIrgin

2:26pm Tuesday 17th May 2011

FASHION has always seen boundaries pushed; it's what fashion is all about. But it wasn't really until the 1980's, 1984 to be precise, that one woman took those boundaries, pushed them down and trampled them until they were lying in the dirt. And she didn't stop there.

Cultural Make up; Into the Wild

Evesham Journal: Yolngu face paint

12:35pm Friday 6th May 2011

WITH brightly coloured prints being smoking hot this season, there has never been a better time to get a little wild.

Shoppers want a piece of Kate

Evesham Journal: Shoppers want a piece of Kate

12:24pm Friday 6th May 2011

Move over Victoria Beckham, Kate Middleton is the new fashion icon. Lydia Johnson takes a look at how Middleton Mania has hit the High Street.

If you can’t wear a fancy dress aged 15, then when can you?

Evesham Journal: If you can’t wear a fancy dress aged 15, then when can you?

9:34am Thursday 5th May 2011

The start of summer term means girls – and boys – are putting the final touches to their prom outfits. But as Lydia Johnson discovered, many have actually been planning theirs for months

Fashion Icon of the 1960s; Twiggy-Wide-eyed Surprise

Evesham Journal: Twiggy wearting Quant mini skirt

12:54pm Monday 11th April 2011

WHEN considering who to focus on as my '60s fashion icon, I had a hard time choosing. Kennedy? Hepburn? Bardot? Then I realised, you can not write about the sixties without writing about Twiggy. Simple.

Make Up; It's Gonna Be All White

Evesham Journal: Traditional Geisha

12:44pm Monday 11th April 2011

THE colour white is making a big comeback on the runways this Spring/Summer; no matter what the garment, if it's white it's in. But it seems that white make up, which was once the staple colour for many women, has died out.

Fashion Icon of the 1950s; Marilyn Monroe-Nothing But the Radio On

Evesham Journal: Blonde hair, red lips and a beauty spot are synonymous with the Marilyn look.

12:09pm Monday 28th March 2011

MEN wanted her, women wanted to be her. The camera, the president and the public adored her. Everyone loved, and still love, the iconic beauty that was Marilyn Monroe.

The Wedding Look; Pretty in Pink, and White, and Beige

Evesham Journal: The wedding day

12:03pm Monday 28th March 2011

MANY people choose to get married in the Summer; there is less chance of it raining on your wedding day, for one.

The Summer Look; Healthy Skin

Evesham Journal: A glass of water

12:03pm Monday 14th March 2011

WITH Summer well and truly on its way, it's time to lay your skin bare. The time has come to ditch the scarves and hoods that are so good at hiding our faces, and prepare to let skin shine, nature's way

Fashion Icon of the 1940s; Bette Davis-Dangerous

Evesham Journal: Fashion Icon of the 1940s; Bette Davis-Dangerous

11:50am Monday 14th March 2011

“I am just too much”, Bette Davis once said. And she was not exaggerating. Over a career spanning six decades, the blue-eyed beauty single-handedly took on the big studios, commanded respect from males and females alike, and above all remained true to herself whilst doing it,

Fashion Icon of the 1930s; Greta Garbo-The Solitary Beauty

Evesham Journal: Garbo in 'Mata Hari', dress by Adrian

12:50pm Monday 28th February 2011

WHEN Garbo uttered those immortal words, 'I want to be alone', I don't suppose she ever believed that they would be obeyed. Everybody wanted a piece of the mysterious Swedish beauty that was Greta Garbo. She would never be alone.

Make up and Skin Care; Beautiful Buys

Evesham Journal: Rimmel Colour Show off-Love Me

12:42pm Monday 28th February 2011

DO YOU often find yourself torn between two lipsticks, not quite sure which would be the best for you?

A Vintage Affair; Old is the New New

Evesham Journal: A Vintage Affair; Old is the New New

3:20pm Tuesday 22nd February 2011

WHEN you think of vintage, a number of things may spring to mind; stars, glamour, the Golden Age.

Organic Make Up; It's Only Natural

Evesham Journal: Nature's Minerals Bronzer

2:05pm Monday 14th February 2011

MANY of us make conscious decisions everyday that we believe will make us healthier inside and out.

Fashion Icon of the 1920s - Louise Brooks; Silent but Sexy

Evesham Journal: Louise Brooks, wearing Patou dress

1:01pm Monday 14th February 2011

UP until about two years ago, I had never heard of Louise Brooks. Yet, throughout most of my High School life I had sported a short blonde bob with a straight fringe clipped just above my eyebrows. Little did I know that the hair cut I loved so much was so influenced by one of the biggest stars of the 1920s.


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