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Evesham Journal:

Is yours a top job? Data shows what the best 25 jobs in the UK are

3:44pm Tuesday 24th February 2015

Driving trains or Formula 1 cars, singing pop songs, playing football – these are the types of jobs kids have traditionally dreamt of having when they grow up.

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Evesham Journal:

Major employer to create 110 new jobs in Brighton in the run-up to Christmas

11:34am Friday 14th November 2014

A major employer has announced 110 new full-time jobs in the city centre in the run-up to Christmas.

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Evesham Journal:

Brighton and Hove in top 10% for creating new jobs across the country

6:00am Wednesday 8th October 2014

THE city is “punching above its weight” after smashing its own employment targets.

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Evesham Journal:

Jobseekers offered skills course

6:00am Sunday 5th October 2014

JOBSEEKERS are being offered a free three-week programme to gain skills sought by employers.

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Evesham Journal:

New restaurant in Brighton Marina is set to create 50 jobs

11:00am Wednesday 17th September 2014

An emerging new restaurant chain is putting the finishing touches to its new eaterie, which will create up to 50 jobs.

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Evesham Journal:

Unemployment at record low

11:33am Wednesday 17th September 2014

Unemployment fell again last month as it continued its record downward trajectory.

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Evesham Journal:

97 jobs could go as Phones 4u puts its 19 Sussex stores into administraion

6:00am Tuesday 16th September 2014

NEARLY 100 jobs are hanging in the balance after Phones 4u went into administration.

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Evesham Journal:

100 new jobs on their way as charity prepares to open flagship care home

6:00am Wednesday 10th September 2014

A CHARITY is preparing to open a flagship care home which will create 100 jobs.

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Evesham Journal: Newhaven's new technology college will focus on marine and environmental engineering

Newhaven Port seeks planning permission to expand its harbour area, creating up to 150 jobs

8:47am Friday 5th September 2014

A KEY Sussex port is hoping to expand after years of decline, generating new jobs.

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Evesham Journal: Vacancies on rise

Vacancies on rise

4:37pm Wednesday 14th May 2014

A growing sense of confidence among recruiters has been lent an extra boost by new research showing a 6 per cent quarterly growth in the number of advertised North West job vacancies.

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Evesham Journal: Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service seeks on-call firefighters

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service seeks on-call firefighters

1:00pm Tuesday 25th March 2014

NEW on-call firefighters are being sought in a county-wide recruitment drive.

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Evesham Journal: Picture supplied by

Employment options are limited for Hampshire's next generation

3:00pm Thursday 13th February 2014

WHAT if you’d worked solidly for the last 40 hours with people you didn’t know in an unfamiliar office in a town far from home for nothing?

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Evesham Journal: Wagamama are to open a new restaurant in Hampshire

Jobs boost with plans to open two new restaurants

11:16am Friday 10th January 2014

MORE than 30 jobs will be created when Far Eastern cuisine comes to a Hampshire shopping centre at two new restaurants.

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Evesham Journal: Hundreds of people flock to Daily Echo Jobsfair

Hundreds of job seekers pack into Daily Echo's Jobsfair

5:11pm Monday 7th October 2013

HUNDREDS of eager job hunters packed into the Daily Echo's Jobsfair to find their ideal job and possibly take their first step on a new career path.

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Evesham Journal: The Daily Echo Jobsfair and below Anna Gregan

Looking for a new job or a fresh career: Join us at the Daily Echo Jobsfair on Thursday

12:33pm Monday 30th September 2013

A CHANCE for those looking for a job or a change of career to meet dozens of employers all in one place takes place in Bournemouth on Thursday.

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Evesham Journal: jobs news 26th sept

First jobs fair for Canvey will help you back to work

5:02pm Thursday 26th September 2013

IT may be a first-time event, but the Canvey jobs fair is set to open with a splash.

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Evesham Journal: From left, Debbie Cragg, CWAC Northwich Work Zone co-ordiantor; Janet O’Connor, Job Centre Plus; Clr Lynda Jones; Arthur Neil, chief executive of Cheshire Community Development Trust; Cheryl Quine, Weaver Vale Housing Trust; Alison Reid, CWAC Winsford W

Get into the zone

1:03pm Wednesday 14th August 2013

A WORK zone has been launched in Northwich to help people find employment.

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Evesham Journal: Joint enterprise – Daniel Denton-Ridgewell, right, with business partners Lewis Parker and Adam Swinbourne, who set up LAD Roofing

Pub pulls in ex-bank boss

1:59pm Friday 17th May 2013

Landmark local is now a family affair for former City worker

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Evesham Journal: Joint enterprise – Daniel Denton-Ridgewell, right, with business partners Lewis Parker and Adam Swinbourne, who set up LAD Roofing

Who wants to be in an office? Not us roofers!

1:56pm Friday 17th May 2013

Pals set up their own roofing business after previous employer called it a day

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Evesham Journal: Scheme – County Hall is offering grants to attract new teachers to working in Essex

County’s cash offer to attract new teachers

1:49pm Friday 17th May 2013

IN a bid to attract teachers to Essex schools, resettlement grants are being offered to qualified professionals from outside the county.

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Evesham Journal: Chief executive of Beales, Tony Brown

Job losses confirmed as warehouse closes

12:00pm Wednesday 2nd January 2013

THE boss of Beales has confirmed that jobs will be lost following a decision to close warehouse facilities in the Wallisdown area of Bournemouth.

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Evesham Journal: 2,000 Olympic jobs for Greenwich unemployed

20-year pledge to create job opportunities in Nine Elms

4:10pm Wednesday 12th September 2012

The Capital's biggest regeneration partnership has signed a 20-year pledge to create thousands of new jobs, apprenticeship places and business opportunities in Nine Elms.

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How to handle job search rejection

4:09pm Friday 10th August 2012

So you didn't get the job. You might prefer to never speak to the company again but there are some good reasons to ask for feedback. Here's how and why to do it...

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Moving to the private sector?

4:06pm Friday 10th August 2012

With the government cutting 270,000 public sector jobs last year, more people than ever are looking to the commercial world for employment. If you're one of them, here's what to expect and how to make the most of your transferable skills.

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Evesham Journal: L-r: Eileen Withers, Activities Co-Coordinator Dawn Webb, Florence Steemson and Irene Wellard.

CHINGFORD: Care home residents knit Olympic rings

8:37am Monday 6th August 2012

KEEN knitters have celebrated the Olympics by creating woollen Olympic rings.

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Increased confidence, more job opportunities and positive change through professional study

10:59am Wednesday 11th April 2012

Gaining professional qualifications as an adult delivers a wide range of benefits, as revealed by research from our training partner Home Learning College. The distance learning specialist asked a range of past students to outline how their life has changed as a result of their studies. The most commonly reported change is greater confidence when applying for jobs, as mentioned by almost half (43 per cent).

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How to pull yourself out of a rut at work

9:54am Wednesday 9th November 2011

Continued uncertainty in the job market means that many people are choosing to stay put in unsatisfying jobs rather than risk being out of work. While it certainly makes logical and financial sense to hang on to your current position at the present time, there is nothing to stop you taking steps to bring about positive change, without making any drastic moves.

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Why it’s never too late to go back to school

3:12pm Friday 23rd September 2011

The thought of returning to the classroom can be daunting if you’ve been out of education for a while. You might have questions around your ability to understand and retain information at an older age, or you may be concerned about finding the time and money for further study. These are all valid points to consider, but there are also plenty of reasons why going back to school could be the right move at this stage in your life.

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How to Wow a New Employer in 5 Easy Steps

1:01pm Monday 8th August 2011

Securing a new job relies on your ability to show an employer why you can fulfil the role better than other candidates. This may sound challenging, but it’s actually easier than you think! In fact, the essence of successful job hunting can be boiled down into a few simple points, as outlined below:

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British workers risk getting stuck in rut without right qualifications

12:37pm Tuesday 17th May 2011

Today’s competitive job market means people are in danger of becoming stuck in unfulfilling roles unless they have the right qualifications, according to research by Home Learning College. Three quarters of respondents say it is harder to move jobs nowadays without appropriate study credentials. This sentiment peaks among the over 45s at 87%.

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SWOT up to get your dream job

3:39pm Friday 1st April 2011

A positive attitude and confidence are essential elements of successful career planning. However, self belief should be founded on a realistic understanding of your abilities and how these can be utilised to the best effect.

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In need of career advice? Look no further!

12:43pm Tuesday 22nd February 2011

Over a third of British adults have not yet found the right career, according to research from our training partner Home Learning College. The only place many people receive any formal occupational guidance is at school. However, despite three quarters reporting this to be the case, 66% say the information they received at that time was not appropriate. In fact, 40% say they have never benefited from useful vocational advice at any point in their life!

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British workforce predicts better career prospects in 2011

10:41am Tuesday 25th January 2011

Despite continued financial turbulence, and further job losses due to hit the public sector, workers are remaining positive and predicting that the coming year will bring greater fortune. Around half (49%) of adults in employment see their career prospects changing for the better in 2011, while only 20% think things will get worse, according to research by our training partner Home Learning College.

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Is Your CV Extinct? 7 Things to Update

1:02pm Friday 14th January 2011

Job hunting is always hard work. You look through job ads, send out applications, go to interviews and improve your networking. And you're still not getting any offers? Take a closer look at your CV.

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Quarter of UK workforce secretly looking for new job

2:32pm Friday 3rd December 2010

Employers beware! Over a quarter of UK workers (27%) are actively looking for a new job but have chosen not to share this information with their boss or line manager. In fact, the number of people secretly seeking a new position represents 78% of all current jobseekers, according to research conducted by distance learning specialist Home Learning College. In total, over a third (34%) of those currently in work reported being on the hunt for a new position.

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Two fifths of Brits glad they don’t work with Alan Sugar’s ‘Apprentices’

2:24pm Friday 3rd December 2010

As the candidates in series six of The Apprentice reveal their true colours, research from Home Learning College shows that 42% of viewers would not want them as colleagues. It seems that women are most turned off by such behaviour, with 44% saying they are glad not to work with people like that, compared to 37% of men.

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5 ways to go from jobless to employed

1:06pm Wednesday 27th October 2010

If you’re one of the 2.5 million people currently out of work in the UK then you’re probably only too aware of how frustrating it can be to search for a job during the tail end of a recession. There’s no denying that this is a challenging time to be looking for work and you may feel that you’ve already tried everything to change your circumstances for the better.

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Five signs you’re in the wrong job

4:34pm Friday 24th September 2010

It’s unlikely that any job will be 100% perfect, but if you live for the weekends and then spend Sunday in dreaded anticipation of the coming week then now might be the time to look for a more rewarding position.

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Three rules for going ‘back to school’ this September

12:38pm Monday 23rd August 2010

As schools and universities gear up for the new academic year you may find your thoughts turning towards self-improvement and the acquisition of new skills.

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Tips for enhancing your CV

10:04am Monday 19th July 2010

Your CV is one of the most powerful weapons in your job-seeking armoury and is often the first point of contact with a potential boss, so it’s vital to make this document as powerful as possible.

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Five study tips for busy lives

4:19pm Tuesday 1st June 2010

Do you want to gain a new qualification but wonder where on earth you’d find the time? There is no doubt that studying as an adult can be challenging, particularly if you already have a job, family and social life. Having said that, many people find learning in later life far more enjoyable than they may have expected – largely because they can choose subjects in which they have a genuine interest.

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Using the internet to enhance distance learning

12:38pm Friday 23rd April 2010

Social networking on websites like Facebook and Twitter is without doubt one of the biggest technological and cultural developments of the past decade. This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that Facebook now has 23 million users in the UK alone - around a third of the country’s population – with about 50% logging on every day.

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Do you respond to adverts or hunt for opportunities?

10:40am Thursday 28th January 2010

Barely a week goes by without a new award for the ‘best’, ‘most socially responsible’ or ‘diverse’ (etc) employer to work for. Yet it seems the same 10 employers win all the awards.

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Are you accessing the hidden jobs market?

10:32am Thursday 28th January 2010

Every week we hear about employers turning away hundreds, if not thousands of applicants for each role they have. Registering on job boards and applying to well publicised adverts is fine, but it has never been more important to be able to access the hidden job market.

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Is your personal profile helping or hindering your application?

10:11am Thursday 28th January 2010

A good personal profile helps an employer reading your CV to quickly grasp who you are, what you offer and what you are looking for.

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Why should I enhance my vocational skills in 2010?

9:33am Thursday 28th January 2010

It’s fair to say that many people will be glad to see the back of 2009: the year in which we entered the longest recession in British history, accompanied by record breaking levels of unemployment.

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Interview Coach: ‘Tell me about yourself’

2:21pm Wednesday 27th January 2010

What appears a harmless ice-breaker is a critical component of your interview. Your answer to “Tell me about yourself” is often the first spoken opportunity (think body language) to create a positive impression…and you know what they say about first impressions.

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