MOST of us have to wait until we are 18 to vote in elections.

But these twins from Harvington received their cards at just 18 months old after their family accidentally registered them to vote in the Police Crime Commissioner elections.

Despite Lennon and Finley Tarry not being able to cross any boxes, their grandad said he may still take them down to the polling station anyway.

Kevin Hurdman, of Village Street, said the situation has caused a lot of laughter within the family. He said: “We had quite a chuckle and found the whole thing amusing.”

The twins’ mother, Harriet Hurdman, said: “I was confused as I thought you had to be 18 to vote.

People have found it hilarious.”

Elaine Dicks, electoral services manager at Wychavon, said: “We ask people to declare anyone who is over 18 in the household and this is a legal declaration which we have to take on good faith.

“On rare occasions residents do get confused and think they need to list everyone who lives with them.”

Voting for the new position will take place next Thursday.