AN opinion poll on the Journal website shows that plans for Coffee #1 to open an outlet in Pershore continue to split the town.

Almost 140 votes were cast on our website with the anticoffee shop group securing 59 per cent of them.

However, 40 per cent of the votes backed plans for the chain to move into a High Street shopfront recently vacated by Ezee PCs.

A number of existing cafés and tea rooms in Pershore oppose Coffee #1 moving in and have launched petitions that have attracted more than 1,000 signatures. They believe that it could put some places out of business.

However, there is a strong base of supporters for the plans with many coffee lovers saying that the new venture offers an exciting alternative to what is currently on offer in Pershore and would attract a different crowd.

A visitor to the Journal website with the username fruitcake said: “Bring it on Coffee 1 – another sort of coffee shop has been needed for ages. It will attract different and much needed customers into Pershore. Pershore is getting a bit stuffy and staid.

Not everyone wants to sit in an olde tea shoppe environment.

I wouldn’t think of having a coffee in any of the places at the moment but would definitely go there.

Can’t wait!”

However, a different perspective was offered by Truckerlyn, who said: “I think it is outrageous to even consider another café in Pershore. What Pershore really needs is to see more individual shops to replace those that have closed down.

Currently, there are seven cafés in Pershore, any more and pretty well all the High Street will offer is accountants, charity shops and cafés and hardly anything else, so what reason would anyone have to come into the town?’

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