MARRIED, but never had a row? You must be joking, because it’s part of the trick to wedded bliss according to one couple who are marking 70 years.

Harold and Jean Wilson tied the knot on Wednesday, November 6, 1942.

Now the platinum pair have celebrated the milestone with a birthday bash for friends and family at their home off Newlands, Pershore.

Neighbours John and Jenny Holmes said the Wilsons were a lovely, friendly couple and they received a telegram from the Queen marking their big day.

Mr Wilson, aged 91, and Mrs Wilson, now 88, are both originally from Yorkshire and first met on the bus they used to take home. At the time Mr Wilson was in the Army serving with the 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry and Mrs Wilson was a shop girl at Schofields department store, Leeds.

“We got chatting on the bus and one thing led to another,” he said.

“We arranged to get together when I was next on leave and decided to marry.”

Their honeymoon was spent ‘at her aunty’s in Leeds,’ said Mr Wilson.

After the war, Mr Wilson worked in various places before retiring as an office manager at a Scunthorpe steel foundry.

“She has been a good married woman, kept me well-fed and well set,” said Mr Wilson And their secret to a long marriage?

“I don’t believe anyone who is married and says they’ve never rowed. I’ve won a few and she’s won a few,” said Mr Wilson.

“There’s no his and hers, it’s ours and that’s the way it’s been all our lives,” they agreed.

The couple have two daughters, Judith and Pamela, and a son Ian.