A GREEN dragon, a silver dinosaur and a red dragonfly are among the creatures that can be found outside a Vale villager’s house.

The garden in Sedgeberrow, near Evesham, is full of unusual creations made from parts of old bikes and scrap metal.

Leon Welch, aged 40, of Churchill Road, is the man behind the sculptures and began making them about 10 years ago.

He said: “I have been good with my hands all my life. It is a hobby of mine. About 10 years ago I went on a welding course and I said to the chap I wanted to do ornamental welding and it went on from that.

“I have been making sculptures ever since. They are in my back garden and we put a few in the front garden for people to see.”

Mr Welch, who suffers from panic attacks, depression and stress, finds the work therapeutic and was advised by doctors to continue making the sculptures to keep his body and mind active. Now they attract visitors from all over the village.

“I get a really good reaction from them,” he said. “People come especially for a look.

My wife saw all the kids from the school looking one day and the teachers had brought them down to look at a sculpture of a dinosaur.

“I have made some for friends in the past and I made a bumblebee for my mum. They can take a while to make. The green dragon took about two months. I don’t have a plan, the designs are all in my head.”