A NEW initiative to brighten the lives of children in hospital has been launched by a group of nurses.

Staff on the Riverbank children’s ward, at Worcester-shire Royal Hospital, want to refurbish a ‘young people’s room’ in a bid to make time spent at the Worcester facility more enjoyable.

They say the room provides a highly-valued area for youngsters to relax away from their hospital bed and want to make it a more “normal” environment.

Facilities in the room give the patients somewhere to watch films, play games and read books, and the facility is considered vital to helping young people recover as it reduces any worry or fear about being in hospital.

But nurses on the ward are concerned the facilities on offer are in desperate need of modernisation.

Holly Warner, who is leading the appeal with fellow staff nurse Abbie Alcock, said: “We are really keen to make the space more colourful and enjoyable for the many young people we have admitted onto the unit.”

They want to update tattered, worn seating with colourful cushions and introduce more lamps or coloured mood lighting.

Staff are currently working with patients to produce art -work to display and they would also like to provide new cupboard and shelving space to house books and DVDs. The appeal is already off to a flying start after a generous parent donated a television for the room, while nursing staff are planning a cake sale to raise funds for improvements.

Anyone who would like to back the appeal can call Worcestershire Acute Hos-pitals NHS Trust’s fund-raising manager, Katie Farmer, on 01905 760551, or email katie.farmer@worcsacute.nhs.uk.