A WOMAN who alleged she was sexually assaulted in Bidford has admitted the accusation was false.

Following a thorough and extensive police investigation into the alleged sexual assault, reported to have taken place in the centre of Bidford on Tuesday, August 13, it became apparent to officers that the allegation was false.

Tim Sharp, investigating officer, said: "The female concerned has withdrawn the allegation admitting it was false and police are confident that the incident did not occur.

"As a result she has been dealt with formally for wasting police time.

"We also interviewed a male in connection with the incident and are pleased to say that he has now been totally exonerated.

"One of our priorities in the investigation of all sexual offences is to protect the identify of both the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator until we can establish exactly what has happened.

"We are asking the public to continue to respect the privacy of both parties now the investigation is concluded."