A JEALOUS lover who slashed his ex-girlfriend across the face with a knife after finding her kissing another man has been jailed for 16 years.

Martin Dark disfigured Julie Mullen by slashing her four times across the face, and also inflicted numerous stab wounds on Anthony Murphy.

He was first charged with attempted murder, said Simon Phillips prosecuting at Worcester Crown Court, but later pleaded guilty to wounding.

Dark, aged 52, of Bolston Road, Worcester, who had been in a turbulent relationship with Miss Mullen for ten months, also admitted having a knife in a public place and trying to escape from lawful custody.

The pair had separated for about a week in July but Dark had been trying to contact her.

She had been drinking with friends in the Courtyard pub and they took a taxi back to her home, in Goodrest Close, Worcester.

They left the front door unlocked and when Dark walked in he saw Miss Mullen kissing Mr Murphy.

He hit her across the face four times and it was only later that she realised that she had not been punched, but slashed.

She tried to get away while Mr Murphy was being attacked with a fish-gutting knife.

Dark later said that although he had taken the knife to the house he had never intended to use it. But Mr Murphy was stabbed several times as Dark accused him of being with his ex-girlfriend.

The injured pair ran outside and it was fortunate that neigbours came to help, said Mr Phillips.

Dark ran off and later telephoned his mother to say he had killed someone, had taken an overdose and was going to be dead within half an hour.

He was later picked up by police on a canal towpath and taken to Hereford Hospital.

While there, he tried to escape by climbing through a toilet ceiling but was pulled back by officers.

Mr Phillips said Mr Murphy had serious stab wounds to his face and body but had returned to Ireland and seemed none the worse for his ordeal.
Miss Mullen had deep cuts on her face and appeared to have been slashed from ear to ear.

Abigail Nixon, mitigating, said Dark had been brooding but wanted to contact Miss Mullen in the hope they could get together again.

Everybody on that evening had been drinking heavily and Dark erupted when he saw Miss Mullen in an embrace.

Judge Robert Juckes QC said the injuries inflicted had luckily not resulted in the death of Mr Murray but one stab wound had been deep enough to penetrate a lung.

He concluded that Dark had been insanely jealous. First he attacked Mr Murray, who was unarmed, and then he turned his attention to Miss Mullen, using blows which disfigured her.

A psychiatrist concluded that Dark was a danger to the public.

The judge imposed jail sentences which totalled 16 years and ordered that Dark should serve at least two-thirds and not be released until the parole board decreed he was no longer a danger.