GRITTERS will be hitting the streets as temperatures drop below freezing tonight and fog is predicted to grip the streets in the early hours of the morning.

Worcestershire County Council's team is out to grit sections of the A448 and the A435 from 6pm as a precautionary measure.

Drivers are advised to drive with caution and not to assume it is safe to travel at normal speed and that highways have been treated in winter weather.

People can keep updated on where and when gritters will be out by visiting their ‘Gritter Twitter’ by using #grittertwitter and #worcsweather on Twitter, and by visiting their website Safety advice and interactive maps will be available for people to deal with the weather efficiently, to pinpoint nearest gritting bins and to report any problems.

The county council is also reminding people of the ways to keep themselves safe, warm and healthy during colder spells. Advice and tips are available from