DISABLED adults in Evesham would get better care in prison, say angry parents after discovering their children’s care facility could be relocated to a garage.

Parents and carers of adults using Evesham’s day care service in Davies Road visited a building neighbouring the library in Oat Street, where the centre could soon be located depending on the results of a consultation period, as part of money saving measures.

As part of the potential changes, there will be a resource centre in Pershore for those with more complex learning disabilities and the community-based connect service in Evesham.

These would replace the existing hub, which is available to its 26 users between 9am and 3.30pm.

Tony and Ann Horner, of Lower Moor, near Pershore, whose son Michael, aged 44, attends the centre, said disabled care was going backwards.

Mrs Horner said: “We were all herded into a single garage at the back of the library, it is used by the buses. We were presented with plans, costing £60,000.

There will be a lift and somewhere they make a cup of tea before they walk the streets all day. As my husband said all they need is a dog and a begging bowl. He said they would get better care in Long Lartin prison.”

Stephanie Welton, whose 40-year-old daughter Sarah is affected, said: “I am really upset. If Sarah goes to the resource centre in Pershore she struggles to travel.

“I am sure the care will be there but it’s about giving those with disabilities some kind of life outside their family.”

Councillor Sheila Blagg, Worcestershire County Council’s cabinet member for adult social care, said no services were being removed only possibly relocated and users would be reassessed to determine their needs “Connect will promote greater choice, opportunity and independence in the way in which each service user decides to use their day,” she added.

The consultation period ended Friday.