CAPTAIN Guy Disney has fewer than 40 miles left to reach the South Pole in his second Walking with the Wounded challenge.

Capt Disney, of Broadway, whose right leg was amputated below the knee after his vehicle was blown up in Afghanistan, set off on the South Pole Allied Challenge on December 1.

He is part of UK Team Glenfiddich – which includes Prince Harry – taking part in a 200-mile trek across the Antarctic plateau.

But after arriving at their first checkpoint on day five, the harsh reality of the Antarctic was starting to take its toll with teams facing temperatures of -35C and freezing winds. For this reason, the race element of the challenge has been dropped, and teams are now free to progress at their own pace.

Speaking from the Antarctic, Capt Disney said: “The first four days was a full-out slog. We still have another seven days of walking, which should be fun. Without the race element, it means we can focus on what the expedition set out to achieve.”