AFTER months in and out of the saddle, a former head of lifelong learning at the Farncombe Estate near Broadway has completed a fund-raising journey of 2,500 miles.

William Reddaway and his horse Strider departed from the Farncombe Estate back in May and arrived home on the predicted date of Saturday, December 7.

The pair’s epic journey saw them travel to all four corners of England via 30 cathedrals and so far they have raised about £50,000 for the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre, the Family Holiday Association and the Riding for the Disabled Association and are expecting to receive more than £10,000 in coming months.

Mr Reddaway said: “We got back at 2pm on the Saturday as planned.

“The whole trip was fantastic but it was very hard work. I hadn’t realised how hard it would be.

“Strider was terrific. He put up with amazing things, including huge amounts of traffic and saddle sores, which meant I had to lead him during the summer months.

“We were invited into some of the cathedrals we visited and went right up to the nave in Exeter Cathedral. We even made it back in better condition than we left.”

As they travelled round the country, Mr Reddaway often relied on the kindness of strangers.

“We had a magnificent response from people,” he said.

“We were wonderfully looked after. It was an amazing experience.”

Mr Reddaway will be continuing to fund-raise and hopes to raise a total of £100,000.

To make a donation, visit just