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    saucerer wrote:
    pinkfluff wrote:
    Redhillman wrote:
    The drivers who got stuck in fords need to either be fined for the emergency services' time and resources in rescuing them, banned from driving or jailed for putting other lives in danger or even all three. I don't know why people act so stupid and irresponsibly when it's clear to see water levels in fords are high enough not to pass through while there are depth markers on the approaches to fords to show how high the water is.
    I wouldn't be able to tell how deep flood water is.
    That's why fords have depth markers and why signs are deployed if fords are impassable. It seems it's never the driver's fault when they encounter difficulties despite these measures being in place.
    That's really helpful for most people but with my very poor spatial awareness it wouldn't benefit me unfortunately. That's just the way I am, which is why I don't drive through water ever.....way too scary."
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Six calls received from people stuck in their cars in floods in Worcestershire

Evesham Journal: Six calls received from people stuck in their cars in floods in Worcestershire Six calls received from people stuck in their cars in floods in Worcestershire

FIREFIGHTERS have received six calls from people needing to be rescued from driving through flooded areas in their cars.

The calls have come from different parts of Worcestershire since yesterday afternoon and this morning and included a family being rescued from a ford in Himbleton, near Droitwich, and a woman in Stanton, near Broadway.

The family were able to walk out of their car through the ford to safety but the woman in Stanton had to be rescued as her four-wheel drive car had got stuck in 4ft deep water.

A spokesman for the Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service said it was not recommended people drive through water or get out if they get stuck.

She said: “People think they can drive through them then they get stuck but they need to be careful because they can get washed away.”

Three bridges and one main road were closed due to the flooding caused by the pre-Christmas storm which has been predicted to hit again on Friday.

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