A BRAVE police inspector who jumped into the River Avon in Evesham to rescue a six-year-old from a car driven by his father says he was “touched” to be recognised for his work.

Inspector Sean Kent was given the annual Police Trophy Award for his outstanding contribution to the Wychavon community.

One his most notable acts of bravery being the rescue of Ryan Grady in February 2010 when he dived into the icy river water to rescue the six-year-old.

Ryan was very close to drowning but survived thanks to Inspector Kent and another colleague’s effort, sadly his sister Gabby did not live. Their father, Chris Grady, was later found guilty of murder and attempted murder.

Inspector Kent, who was the geographic inspector in Wychavon for about four years until May last year, said: “It was a very great honour to be recognised for public service by a group of people that themselves embody the best of public service.

“I was grateful to be recognised. I was quite touched because we don’t necessarily expect to be recognised.”

The award was presented to Inspector Kent by the Chairman of Wychavon District Council, Councillor Gerry O’Donnell.

He said: “I have known Inspector Sean Kent for a number of years, and there is nobody I can think of more deserving of this award.

“Sean goes above and beyond what is expected of him as a police officer, and even put his own life at risk to save a little boy in a tragic incident on the river in Evesham.

"He personifies the dedication of the vast majority of police officers in Wychavon, and has an intelligent, considered, and sensitive approach to policing. I wish him every success in his future career.”