A convicted sex criminal who put pictures of a half-naked teenage girl on his Facebook page without her knowing has refused to co-operate with a court order - because he didn't want to be labelled a "sex offender", a court was told.

Evesham man Daniel Parmenter, aged 23, was handed a three-year community order in May 2013 and was ordered to take part in a sexual group work programme after admitting four counts of distributing indecent photographs of a child.

But Worcester Crown Court heard that he had refused to participate in the programme because he feared the reputation it might create for him, especially when he had a young son.

Re-sentencing him, Judge Michael Cullum said he would grant him "one last chance" to avoid prison for this conviction.

But he added that he found it "disappointing" that Parmenter had been jailed for two new offences since March.

"You have a young child and you were anxious to avoid the label of 'sex offender', and to avoid moving in the circles of known sex offenders," he told him.

"The difficulty is, you committed a sexual offence, and you had previously committed a sexual offence as well. That is why there was concern to stop that sort of behaviour from happening again, whether it be through ignorance or through misplaced thought processes."

Parmenter, of Fairfield Road, Evesham, was convicted last year after posting pictures of a half-naked 17-year-old girl to his Facebook page without her permission.

He was handed a new 12-month community order at court and told to complete 150 hours of unpaid work.

"I hope this will help you put an end to this spate of offending,” Judge Cullum added.