VILLAGERS in Peopleton have been lining up to learn how to use new life saving equipment.

A defibrillator has been installed in Peopleton, near Pershore, after local people raised thousands of pounds to ensure they can help out if there is ever an emergency.

Sixty people will learn how to use the equipment, which will be fully operational in the coming few weeks.

The idea to install the live saving equipment came from three ladies, Avis Pinney, Gloria Ragbourne and Eileen Symonds, while they were out walking.

And with the help of local businesses, HFN Landscapes, Humblebee Hall and the Crown Inn alongside the parish council the village raised around £4,000, enough to buy three defibrillators.

The first has been installed outside the village shop.

Stewart Alcorn, fundraiser, said they were pleased to have raised the money for the equipment and to allow so many people to be trained.

"We have quite a few elderly residents and with the cuts it can take sometime for the emergency services to reach us. Before our nearest defibrillator was in Pershore.

"We had a tremendous demonstration day as a result of that we now have 60 people asking to be trained."

There is still fundraising events going on as Mr Alcorn says they also hope to see some people begin training as community first responders.

On Saturday, March 29, a ferret racing night will be held at the village hall costing £5.

Anyone who would like to attend can call Mr Alcorn on 01905 840094.