THE glory days of Evesham are back - with a little bit of help from some modern technology.

Thousands of people have been sharing fond memories of the market town after a local lady set up a group on Facebook.

Photos and memories of days past in Evesham was started on the social networking site two months ago but less than two weeks ago membership exploded.

The group, which allows people to post old photos and their memories of the town, now has 2,805 members.

Emma Haynes, of Bredon Hill View, Evesham, who set up the group, said she was delighted to see such a great response.

"I set it up a few months ago and the Sunday before last I reached 100 members, I was really excited," she said. "Since then it has gone mad. I can't keep up with everything but it's been amazing."

Photos shared on the site range from black and white pictures of the scenery and buildings in Evesham to more recently taken photos of people enjoying town events, such as the carnival.

"I like all the black and white photos," said Miss Haynes. "I think it's nice to see people remembering things and taking in a nice way.

"Facebook is used so often to moan and I think it's unnecessary so it's nice to see people taking about Evesham in a positive way. It's great to see people who love Evesham the way I do.

"My favourite posts are those that look back at the Evesham lingo, I think that's fab. I can remember my mum and my grandad talking to me like that. It takes you back to when you were a kid."

There are now plans to create a T-shirt with the phrase 'Ow Bist' - meaning how are you - with any funds raised to be donated to the Abbey Bell Tower appeal.

Miss Haynes added: "This would be a way to get the kids to know about the Bell Tower as well. The youngsters need to know. It's important to bring the kids into it as well."

To check out the page and add your own memories of Evesham visit