A WORCESTER graduate wants people to know they can change the economy together by spreading a record-breaking message across the world.

In the wake of the Eurozone crisis, Constantinos Arkadiou (CORR) will be asking 30,000 people to take a picture of themselves holding a sign displaying the message 'I Am The Economy' to show what people power can do.

Originally from Cyprus, the advertising graduate from the University of Worcester returned to his country last year where there were fears of a Cypriot bank collapse and decided he wanted to do something to change people's minds about economies being run by just banks and corporations.

He said: "The project is a modern manifesto which aims to remind all of us that every single person - rather than banks and corporations alone – is a part of the economy, is able to change it and to fight for our own success.

“Even though most of the participants so far have been Cypriot, the issue we are addressing is relevant for people across the world."

Mr Arkadiou is now inviting people from Worcester and elsewhere in the UK to help him make the record-breaking 10,000 square metre collage.

Those that wish to take part can download the I Am The Economy sign from iamtheeconomy.net, and the resulting pictures can be shared on Facebook, twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #iamtheeconomy.