A GROUP of kind hearted folk who take to the streets of Evesham on a Friday night are seeking more women to join them.

Evesham Street Pastors patrol the town on a Friday evening from 10pm until 3am offering support and comfort to revellers and people on the streets.

But the group, which went on its first official outing on Friday, October 18, last year, is looking for more people, particularly women, to allow them to go out on a Saturday night as well.

John Darby, co-ordinator of the group in Evesham, said the group had been a great success so far.

"We are really encouraged by the people on the streets at night. They are so appreciative of what we do. I think we have been surprised. The problems are mostly relationship based, people have lost their friends and we have time to site with them.

"We have two new male volunteers, which is great, so we need some more ladies now to get a good balance.

"There is perhaps a view that this isn't the sort of thing ladies would want to do but on the streets they are really very much appreciated.

"There is occasions were there are young ladies in distress and a lady talking to them is better than a guy.

"I was really wanting to get over the message that even though it is dark and miserable out there a few more women volunteering would be good."

Street Pastors is part of a nationwide initiative started 10 years ago by networks of churches to help people by giving them water, flip flops for those who have lost their shoes or just a friendly ear to listen.

One women who has really taken to the initiative, Joy Dimond, spends time with the Street Pastors group in Evesham and another in Stratford, where she first started in November 2011, and organises the training for new pastors in Evesham.

"I think the caring aspect made me want to get involved," she said. "There is value in having men and women, we always go out in mixed groups and there is strong points to both.

"Women bring that motherly feeling. Sometimes girls would rather talk to another woman."

To get involved with Street Pastors in Evesham contact evesham@streetpastors.co.uk.

The group is also looking for more prayer partners as the group meet to prayer before they go out on the streets at 8.30pm each night.