YOUNG scouts in Pershore have been working hard to raise money for a new hut but they still have a long way to go and are renewing their appeal for help.

The 1st Pershore Scout Group have been without a scout hut for 14 years when it was ruined following flooding.

The group have been doing their best to raise the £55,000 they need for a new hut and have so far managed to make just over £31,500 through events and generous donations supported by an appeal in the Journal last year.

The scouts now need to raise the remaining £23,500 in the next five months as they need to begin building the hut on a site at Pershore Horticultural College which has been donated to them and granted planning permission.

Hayley Tomkins, volunteer secretary, said: "We really are trying everything we can to raise as much money as possible as we only have five months until we are due to start the Scout Hut up at the college.

"Before Christmas we held a bake sale and tombola at the Holy Redeemer School in Pershore. They raised £190.47 for our appeal and worked really hard.

"Following the last article we did receive another cheque for £20 and we have just found out we have a cheque to collect from Asda as we came second in the token collections there.

"They have also put us back in the token scheme for another two months, so we want to appeal to people to post their green Asda tokens in the 1st Pershore Scout Group Hut Appeal as we would love to get first place.

"We would like to refresh our appeal to local businesses and members of the public as this community hall will benefit the whole town and could be sub let to other groups that are in need of a meeting place."

To support the campaign call Hayley Tomkins on 07904763680 or email Cheques should be made payable to the 1st Pershore Scout Group.