AN Evesham woman has spoken of the terrifying moment an escaped dog attacked her own pet and left her needing hospital treatment.

Angela McNally, of Eastwick Park in Evesham, was walking her pooch Bertie along Cheltenham Road around 6.50pm on Friday night when a vicious dog came hurtling towards them leaving her worried for her dogs life.

Before the 64-year-old had time to react the black dog began attacking her own pet and she could only try to help ten-year-old Bertie, a Jack Russell Terrier cross.

"We usually go up Cheltenham Road but for some reason on Friday I thought I would go down and look at the river," said Mrs McNally.

"I was just crossing the road by Fairfield and I could see this dog on the other side running hell for leather. We carried on walking minding our own business and then I saw this dog run up and then he crossed the road running hell for leather still at my dog.

"He launched at it, he didn't even growl he just went at him.

"I started trying to get him off. Luckily I had gloves on."

But despite having gloves on Mrs McNally, a book keeper and calligrapher was still left with 16 puncture wounds from the attacking dog, thought to be a black terrier with a pink collar, and a damaged tendon as she tried desperately to free her pet.

"I don't know what my hands would have been like without the gloves," she added. "At some point Bertie managed to slip his collar and ran into the road but the other dog chased him. The vet said Berties injuries were consistent with him being attacked as he tried to escape.

"I was screaming and a man came to help.

"Then another man appeared and said this dog has been missing today, he's from Fairfield, and took the dog in his car.

"The shock could've cost Bertie his life."

Bertie was left with three leg wounds and large wounds on his body where his skin had been ripped off.

Now Mrs McNally, a former dog walker for Wickhamford Dog's Trust, says she is desperate to discover where this dog is to make sure he cannot attack anyone else.

"I want that other dog caught," she said. "What happens if it's a child it attacks next time?

"I just hope Bertie is OK after this."

Anyone with information about the dog should contact the police on 101 and quote reference number 257-S-01-02-14.