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    Hwicce wrote:
    A few questions that arise from the floods.

    The flooding at Newport Street, The Butts, and Croft Road are all caused by the water coming back up the drains. Why do these not have non-return valves on them?

    The pedestrian refuges at either end of the Worcester Bridge prevent traffic running into Worcester down New Road, along the left hand two lanes of the bridge and on up Bridge Street. Are these refuges going to be rebuilt so that in situations like this they can be removed and full two-way, two-lane traffic be possible over the bridge?

    The section of Hylton Road from Tybridge Street to the bridge dips in the middle. Is this dip going to be filled and the extreme camber towards the river removed so it is less inclined to flood?

    Is anyone considering Upton/Bewdley style flood barriers along North Parade, Croft Road, and Hylton Road to allow the roads to remain open in similar situations in the future? If not, why not?
    Hwwice, these are totally valid and common sense points. The problem is, our highways department lack common sense or foresight so while what you have suggested is obvious and would alleviate the chaos that's ensued in Worcester, it's obviousness won't even register with our so called highway 'experts', even if you had to spell it out in large letters written in crayon, supplemented with easy to understand drawings. You'd almost hear a pin drop amongst the deafening silence at County Hall while they try to comprehend what you've said."
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