CHILDREN had to be rescued by firefighters after their play group was cut off by flood water.

Firefighters used sleds to help five children and three staff members from from the Villages Childcare play group at Leigh Sinton after Sherridge Road became impassable both ways.

The youngsters were then ferried by a fire engine to their worried parents who were waiting on the Hereford Road.

Pre-school manager Katie Wiggins said they called the fire service after realising parents were unable to get through the water flooding Sherridge Road to reach the play group at the Leigh and Bransford Memorial Hall.

She said: "We were just really concerned about the children's safety and one of the parents phoned to say she couldn't get through either end.

"We had to put an emergency evacuation in place and we phoned the fire brigade.

"They put the children in the fire engines and drove them through the floods to the parents.

"The water was up to the fireman's thighs.

"All the parents were clapping when the children were handed over to them safely.

"I think the water came off the land and just had nowhere to go.

"We do see flooding in this road but not on this scale before.

"It happened very, very quickly."

Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service said they received a call at 10.49 am today (Tuesday) and sent their water first responders and a crew from Malvern.

Sherridge Road was closed both ways after the rescue on the advice of firefighters.

Mrs Wiggins said the play group would attempt to reopen on Thursday.