ANGRY people living in Evesham demanding answers about the delays to work on the town's Abbey Bridge have been backed by some members of the town council.

A row broke out in the council chamber this month after a call was made to write to the council and contractors Hochtief saying the town has been disappointed by the way the project has been carried out and the lack of transparency throughout.

The council also called for public accountability from both the county council and Hochtief when the project was completed.

Councillor Martin Hammon said he didn't want to point fingers but added they had been let down by the "paid officials".

"This is the most important job that's been done in this town in the 33 years I have lived here," he said. "But I feel we have been done up like a kipper."

Other councillors agreed with Cllr Hammon and said they wanted to support the town and made the point it was not the town councils project.

Cllr Fred Kaler said: "I think it's important we write a letter, people need to know where we stand. I think that would do this council and this community good. People are blaming us. I'm not in the blame game, I just want the bridge to be finished."

Cllr Hammon added: "I have a sign on the mirror in my shop saying please don't ask me about the bridge because they think it is the town council's bridge."

But one member, Cllr John Smith, who is also the county member responsible for transport, said he was left disappointed by his fellow councillors.

"Councillors have gone to Facebook and Twitter, some of you have asked for Freedom of Information requests but nobody from the town council has ever asked for a positive update on the bridge," he said.

"That shows how much interest councillors round this table have got. They find it far easier, sometimes far funnier to put comments on Twitter than going through the democratic process and asking me for a report."

The council voted to send a letter that has been published in full at