A BRAND new coffee shop has opened its doors in Pershore.

Coffee#1 opened for the first time in Pershore High Street on Thursday last week.

The coming of the shop has been controversial with hundreds of people signing a petition to oppose the new business.

But planners gave it the go ahead and the long awaited venture was unveiled to the public by the town crier Robert Speight and Pershore Mayor councillor Charles Tucker.

At the opening event Cllr Tucker welcomed Coffee #1 to the town saying: "Pershore is a town of character. Our buildings have character, our shops have character and our people have character.

"You won't find many national chain shops in Pershore, so Coffee #1 should fit in well. We value our community here and our High Street shops are an important part of that community.

"I know there was some controversy about Coffee #1 coming to Pershore, but I can see you want to join our community and I hope you will stay for many years."

A spokesperson for the coffee shop said it was going great and that the company had received some great feedback both in the shop and online.