AN Evesham resident has complained at the condition of the town's temporary footbridge.

Colin Merriman wrote to the Journal and the town council saying that a swamp at the foot of the bridge was preventing people being able to use it.

The Cheltenham Road resident said: "We have enough to put up with the traffic and building fiasco, without a footpath fiasco as well. I believe the temporary bridge cost huge money in itself, wasted taxpayer money if people can’t negotiate the swamp on the other side.

"All for want of the paths not being made higher by a few inches. There was plenty of hardcore and concrete around. Local people know how these meadows pool."

The footbridge was installed to maintain pedestrian access across the River Avon while work to replace the main Abbey Bridge is completed.

But recent bad weather has seen the bridge closed a number of times as the river levels have risen.

Despite this councillors backed Mr Merriman's concerns.

Beryl Gurden said she agreed and Cllr Fred Kaler added: "I walk across there quite a lot and I sympathise. Decent boards may have helped. But they should've thought about that at the beginning."

A decision was made by councillors to seek improvement.