ZOMBIES and militia took over Evesham this week as the first ever ZomTag event took place in the town.

Two teams took to the streets on Tuesday each dressed as either zombies or militia and began a game of tag, much to the amusement of passers by.

The game sees the two teams competing to take photos of themselves at certain points whilst also avoiding being tagged by the opposite team.

Organiser Donna Woodhouse said the day was a great success.

"We had a hoot," she said. "At this stage we are still unsure who actually won as picture entries are still coming in, we all got tagged though.

"Towards the beginning of the game the zombie team were dramatically ambushed by the car wash by the railway. As they posed for a photo, the militia team lay in wait at the car wash, they cunningly sent their team captain towards the railway as bait which prompted three of the zombie team to give chase.

"It was a complete tagging frenzy much to the hilarity of the chaps in the car wash.

"We had a fantastic afternoon haring around Evesham, taking photos of the landmarks and there was great interest from the towns folk with many of the team members being asked what we were up to."

The day raised funds for Cancer Research UK and was such a success organisers are putting together another event.