CALLS will be made to pump funds into improving drainage and alleviating flooding across the Malvern Hills district next week.

The Liberal Democrat group of Malvern Hills District Council will propose an additional £50,000 is put into the council's revenue and capital budgets for 2014/15 when they are put forward for approval on Tuesday, February 25 to combat flooding problems in the area.

Cllr Tom Wells, leader of the group, hopes the money will help at various flooding hot spots in the district and to "protect as far as humanly possible from any future flooding episodes of the like we have recently endured."

Cllr Wells, who respresents Powick on the district council, said: "One reason is to perhaps lever more money from the other agencies as well. What I would like to see in the future is one flooding and drainage body instead of the myriad groups that we have at the moment.

"I have flooding hot spots in my ward and want to see people take responsibility rather than passing the buck. Over 12 properties flooded in my patch and in most cases it will be months before they can return to those properties."

He added the money would be "put to good use" and cllr Wells hopes it could lead to match funding from other agencies.

The full council will meet in the Council Chamber, Avenue Road, Malvern, from 7pm on Tuesday.