WRITING fairy tales and creating illustrations is the last thing a former Prince Henry's High School student thought he would ever be doing after he was beaten up as a teenager.

But in the same month Mark Pettifer turned 50 he also published his first novel, the Travellers' Rest.

Now seven months on his second book, Pipe Fairies Revolution, has been published and Mr Pettifer says he will carry on creating novels.

He said: "I started The Travellers' Rest about twenty years ago. The images that I've used in my book were the starting point and working at the Golden Cross for a spell helped the story to unfold. I like the way that everyone you meet in an inn or pub has a tale to tell.

"Even though The Travellers' Rest is a complete novel, the book acts as an introduction to the world and characters that I've created.

"The Travellers' Rest is a humorous and magical tale of a community, in which the many staff and customers of the inn, defend it from the dangers brought them by three despicable and conniving citylings."

Mr Pettifer's second novel is also a journey into his imagination and follows fairies that live in pipes under the ground.

But it wasn't an easy path that led Mr Pettifer, who now lives in Headless Cross, Redditch, to writing.

"I was beaten up in the 70s and had to start learning all over again. I was changed forever in the way that I view life."

Although still affected by the injuries he suffered Mr Pettifer is able to write and illustrate his novels.

"I just have to do it," he adds. "I really enjoy it. I write fantasy, heavy on the magic and humour, from fairy tales to modern day fairy stories where the magic comes from the characters a little more than from hocus pocus.

"A few years ago I was published thanks to Douglas Adams and the BBC in, The BBC book to the Future, and have illustrated a number of cover arts for books ranging from poetry to fiction."

Now on his second novel Mr Pettifer is surprised he has had the two books published.

"I never thought that I would try to make a living from writing and illustrating fairy tales, but it turns out that's just what I'm attempting to do now," he added.