PUPILS at a Pinvin school travelled to infinity and beyond when they spent the day exploring space.

A spectacular mobile planetarium and a day of NASA-type training workshops brought space to life for all the Year 5 pupils at St Nicholas C of E Middle School in Pinvin as part of their latest learning journey, space and beyond.

An inflatable, black, planetarium dome from Birmingham’s Think Tank, filled the hall at the school on Thursday, February 6, and pupils packed inside for a breath-taking audio-visual show bringing them up close with the stars and galaxy as well as our own solar system.

Then on Monday, February 10, all the pupils took part in a NASA training day of four workshops at the school, which included krypton-factor style space training.

Students spent the day researching space exploration and the solar system and space art attack, where the children studied the work of abstract artist, Peter Thorpe, before creating their own space painting using his style.

Cheryl Hooper, Year 5 co-ordinator, said: "In the planetarium it felt as if we were actually zooming through space, you could see exactly what the planets were like close up, as well as what the sky would be like on that night. It was a real wow moment for us all."