AN Evesham resident has called the traffic management in Evesham during the closure of the town's bridge "more than disappointing".

Patrick Hayes, of Croft Road in Greenhill, Evesham, said he has been frustrated by the traffic arrangements and thinks the council should have changed them once it become apparent they were not working.

"The way it's been arranged seems wrong," he said. "It would've been much more efficient if it went round like a roundabout. Lots of people made the case for this during the consultation period.

"My point to the councillors is we have tried it your way, it doesn't work. Isn't it time we went the other way?"

Mr Hayes also added he was concerned at the cost to run the traffic arrangements, including paying for the people manning the route, after the delays had seen the closure of the bridge extend from a planned ten weeks to more than six months.

"Who is paying for the highways men since the delay?" he added. "Nobody seems to want to take responsibilty. It's more than disappointing. I am frustrated by it but for somebody at work and it's costing them two or three hours a day, they are entitled to be very aggrieved."

Worcestershire County Council said they had considered a number of options following the consultation and chosen the route that provided the maximum capacity for traffic whilst maintaining safety.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council, said: "The council continues to listen to local businesses and residents including extending the period of time the lights are manually controlled to ease the flow of traffic during busy periods. The suggested alternate traffic arrangement was considered and discounted during the process.

"The traffic management arrangements are part of a package of measures employed by the council to support Evesham. The final costs for the traffic management arrangements will be known upon completion of the project."