A MOTHER and her young son had a narrow escape after a wayward delivery driver brought a wall tumbling down just feet away.

Sue Smith, aged 33, feared her 16-month-old son Anton could have been killed when the pavement to the rear of the Spar convenience store in Cranham Drive, Warndon, Worcester, was showered with bricks at about 11am on Wednesday.

The quick-thinking mother, who lives in Martindale Close, was able to get her child to safety as the store's delivery driver continued to reverse the lorry into the wall, causing a large section of it to collapse onto the street below.

Ms Smith said: "I went to go home - I walk past that wall every single day - when I saw the lorry reversing. I saw the wall bowing out, so I knew it was about to collapse.

"I thought, 'I'm not going to walk past because it will come down any second'. If we were to walk past that, and if I didn't think it would would collapse, we would have been badly hurt. My little boy would probably have died."

Ms Smith, who is a regular visitor to the store, says the area is usually busy with shoppers and young schoolchildren walking by at various times in the day.

Barry Davies, managing director of Spar wholesale distributor's Blakemore Logistics, said: “We are investigating an incident involving one of our vehicles colliding with a wall at our SPAR store at Cranham Drive, in Worcester.

“The company has already made arrangements for the wall to be repaired and are thankful that nobody was injured.”

Ms Smith added: "I was pretty shaken knowing that could have had us both. I went back into the shop and because it still scared me - I have the visions in my head.

"When they started to clean it up one of the workmen said 'you are very lucky'."

After spending about 15 minutes inside the store to calm herself down and collect her thoughts, Ms Smith was able to safely walk to a friend's house nearby despite still feeling shaken up.