A BRAVE cancer sufferer is set to shave to her head for charity the day before she begins vital chemotherapy.

Diane Wicks, of Alcester Road in Radford, near Inkberrow, will take the clippers to her shoulder length hair next Thursday, March 6, in support of Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support,

And the following day the brave 65-year-old will begin chemotherapy to tackle the breast cancer she was diagnosed with last year.

"I have breast cancer, which I was diagnosed with in November last year," said Mrs Wicks, who works part time for Dudley's Coaches.

"I have to start my chemotherapy on March 7 so I may lose my hair anyway.

"I was going to have my head shaved anyway and someone said to me why not raise money at the same time.

"People have said I am brave, I think I am more stupid than brave.

"The thought of my hair falling out is just horrendous so I thought if I have it shaved I am bnot going to have that problem."

Mrs Wicks had been hoping to raise a few hundred pounds for the charity, but she has already exceeded that amount.

"I was hoping to raise a couple of hundred pounds but I have that already," she said. "Anything else that I raise now is a bonus and will help others."

To support Mrs Wicks visit justifying.com/Diane-wicks or justgiving.com/Diane-wicks-bcc.

Alternatively please call Mrs Wicks on 01386 792929.