PERSHORE will be grid-locked if extra provision for hundreds of new homes approved to be developed in the town is not put into place, councillors have warned.

Town councillors have called on planners to look at the development site to the north of the town as a whole and not in a "piece meal" fashion.

The warning comes after 130 homes on Hurst Meadows, off Wyre Road, were deferred at Wychavon District Council's planning committee on Thursday.

The plans, by Lansdowne Rodway Estates Limited, are the latest in a string of applications to come before the council and there are more to come.

At Wychavon councillors unanimously said they could not approve an application that saw houses with gardens almost entirely with a flood plane.

Cllr Val Wood said: "I see that some houses are shown to have their gardens in the flood plane and wants to see their garden shed floating down Piddle Brook."

Concerns were also raised by Cllr David Brotheridge, who said his primary worry was the pressure on the road network.

This echoes the main objections levied by Pershore Town Council.

At a recent meeting of the town council's committee voted to oppose an application for 70 homes, also off Wyre Road.

Cllr Derrick Watt, chairman of the town council planning committee, said they opposed the plans on the basis that before the town can accept more houses they need to see the northern link road - a route that would allow traffic to bypass the already congested Pinvin cross roads - built.

Cllr Chris Parsons added: "I am concerned about what's happening to Pershore. We are already being bombarded with the applications. Not once have we seen any plans for expansions of schools or doctors or plans for the infrastructure.

"The link seems to getting further away. Pershore is just going to burst at the seams. Someone in the planning authority needs to sit down and look at exactly what they are doing to Pershore."

The cry for action follows the approval of 260 homes, to be built of Station Road by Welbeck Strategic Land LLP, in January this year.

There are also pending applications, including a proposal for 190 homes on land to the west of Station Road including land to the north and west of, the Ford House, Station Road, Pershore, and a further 70 dwellings on land also off Wyre Road.

But Giorgio Framalicco, head of housing and planning services at Wychavon District Council, said they do look at the whole area.

"When we consider planning applications we look at the wider implications to local services and infrastructure like schools, play areas and roads," he said. "This is to ensure that development is sustainable. With regards to the northern link road we have managed to secure financial contributions from local developments, but Worcestershire County Council, as the highway authority, will ultimately decide whether this becomes a reality for Pershore."