A VALE charity promoting children's kayaking will be able to continue its ongoing success after it was sponsored by a leading UK supplier of canoeing and kayaking equipment.

The Children's Kayak Charitable Trust has been given the backing of Peak UK, a well-known brand to keen kayakers and canoeists alike.

In February Peak contacted the charity offering eight rescue throw lines equating to a significant financial donation to assist with the charities work with children aged from eight to 18 years, teaching them the Olympic sport of kayaking.

The charity was founded by David Shortell in 2001, now in its thirteenth year the charity runs a single session programme which includes river rescue.

Mr Shortell said: "The throw lines donated will be a key element in the teaching programme, giving children the skills and knowledge to use them to rescue a swimmer in distress while raising their awareness of river safety.

"To see the throw lines in use or if you are an individual or group who would like to take part please visit the charity website tckct.info or you can check out our Facebook page."

The charity is also very keen to hear from any individuals or companies that can offer any financial support. Mr Shortell can be contacted via the website.