EXOTIC pets and their owners will be meeting once again in Badsey on Sunday, April 6.

The Evesham and District Reptile and Exotics Club attracted around 90 people to its meeting this month on March 2.

Arran Churchill, an organiser of the events hosted at the Badsey Recreational Club, Ballards Park, Brewers Lane, said they were pleased with the way the new group was progressing.

"We had a lot of animals ranging from leaf insects, cape house snakes, Burmese pythons, reticulated pythons, boa constrictors, bearded dragons, tortoises, sugar gliders and even a barn owl," he said.

"We don't charge an entry fee, we rely only on donations. Everyone that turned up was very kind and we were able to make enough money to pay our costs and make a small donation to Wildside Furry Exotics. We hope to make a growing donation every month as the club grows."

The next event will take place between 1pm and 5pm.