TEENAGERS from Pershore High School enjoyed the trip of a lifetime when the jetted off to New York during the half term holidays.

Fifty students and five teachers headed over to take a bite of the big apple and for many it was their first time in the great city.

Will Hornbrook, aged 17, was one of the sixth formers to enjoy the trip.

He said: "We did lots while we were out there. We went on a boat trip to see the Statue of Liberty. Then we went to the 9/11 site, where the memorial is at ground zero.

"It was amazing to see the number of names all around the site. They have huge fountains there now at the site and the pours down into the ground where the buildings used to be.

"We also visited Central Park. There had been snow there as well so that was really nice to see. We went and saw all the landmarks there.

"Another one of my favourite sites was the Empire State Building and the Rockefellar Centre.

"I really enjoyed the entire trip."