PERSHORE Cemetery could be extended into a neighbouring field if plans submitted by the town council are given the go ahead.

The application would see the change of use of field to a cemetery with access from Defford Road.

The field was purchased some years ago to enable the cemetery to be extended and a report states that "the time has now come for the extension to be considered as the existing cemetery is rapidly running out of space".

Proposals would see the field gradually developed into a cemetery with a car park, including disabled spaces, space for interments and interment of ashes as well as a woodland area for green burials and for scattering of ashes.

The cost developing the extension to the cemetery is not stated in the report but the cost of the car park is likely to be in the region of £60,000 plus archaeology and drainage.

Plans also anticipate the site will provide a cemetery for at least the next 50 years and could be longer if people continue to prefer cremations to burials.