CREATIVE children at a Vale school showed they could be the architects of the future after they constructed a city as part of a special workshop.

Cleeve Prior C of E First School recently held a Lego Workshop which brought to an end the topic of Electricity for the children in Key Stage 2.

They were introduced to “Bob the Builder” who asked them to build houses and other buildings then illuminated them using bulbs and switches in a series or parallel circuits.

Three children even built the railway running through the town and were taught how to make a sturdy bridge and wire the circuit to power the trains.

Headteacher Sarah Newbury said: “The children had a wonderful morning working together and implementing what they had learned in previous lessons regarding electrical circuits.

"The children were excellent construction workers, working efficiently and collaboratively."

She added that Bob, who has worked in many schools nationwide, said he was extremely impressed by the independent, behaviour and perseverance demonstrated by all the children.