A HOME delivery food firm that supplies people in Worcestershire with meals has helped to raise enough money to fund a Macmillan nurse for a month.

Wiltshire Farm Foods launched its Macmillan Meal Pack in 2012 and £5 from each pack sold has been donated to Macmillan ever since.

The scheme has now raised more than £6,000.

Graham Davis, franchise owner, said: "We all know of the tremendous work that Macmillan does - we have feedback from our customers that confirms the support being given to the elderly - not only with nursing but the many other areas that Macmillan covers such as financial and welfare needs."

This money means that Macmillan Grants can continue to help people in the local area with the simplest amenities like heating their homes or paying for travel to hospital for treatment and last year more than £16,000 was awarded to 57 people in Worcester who needed our support.

Local fundraising manager, Emily Morgan, said: "The fundraising from Wiltshire Farm Foods could not only fund a nurse for a month but could also help run a small information and support centre for a week."