PEOPLE from all walks of life across the Vale have thrown their support behind the appeal to save Evesham's iconic Abbey Bell Tower.

But now the campaign committee are asking how many people have walked through the 16th century building, which is the last remaining part of the town's once great Abbey, with no idea what the inside of the tower is like and offering those people the chance to take a look.

By exploring the Bell Tower's ringing chamber, the campaign group, which needs to raise £500,000 to repair and conserve the building, hopes people will realise the importance of the fundraising.

Ringing Master, Chris Povey, will accommodate groups who would like a guided tour of the chamber for about an hour. The tours will be free but groups will be asked to make a donation towards the Bell Tower Appeal.

Dr Sue Ablett, chair of the committee, recently visited the ringing chamber herself.

She said: "I can’t believe I had waited so long to see the inside of this wonderful building. It was fantastic.

"The ringing chamber is wonderfully atmospheric, and Chris is a fount of knowledge about the history of the tower, the bells inside it and how they are rung. There is also a fascinating American connection."

Details on the tours will be available taking place over the summer will be on the website