A BABY girl who was given just a one per cent chance of surviving has defied the odds to be born alive and well.

Elsie Louise Gordon was born on Tuesday, February 25, to parents expecting her to be either stillborn or unable to survive due to a serious joint condition diagnosed when she was still in the womb.

Doctors gave her only a one per cent chance of living and after months of tests and scans, her parents Natalie Brown and Peter Gordon had prepared themselves for the worst.

But to their overwhelming delight, little Elsie came out crying and full of life.

Although her condition means both her legs are in plaster and she is unlikely to ever walk unaided, her doting parents are overjoyed that she is otherwise a healthy, happy baby.

"When she was born I don't even remember her crying it was so unexpected," said Mr Gordon, aged 42, of Avon Street, in Evesham. "She has been called a miracle baby."

The couple first became aware there may be a problem with their unborn baby during the early stages of pregnancy.

"At the 20-week scan they noticed she had club feet so we were sent to Birmingham hospital," Mr Gordon said. "We were told she has arthrogryposis. It's a condition where the limbs cease up."

The condition is de-generative, meaning it moves from the limbs and can eventually reach the heart muscles with fatal consequences.

"There was a chance that was what was going to happen to Elsie, but Nat and I decided we wanted to give her a chance," said Mr Gordon.

Later on in the pregnancy, it was confirmed to the couple that Elsie definitely had the condition.

But Elsie has confounded all expectations.

"She's turned into a beautiful baby," said Mr Gordon. "Her legs are in plaster and the condition has affected them so it is unlikely she will ever walk properly. But apart from that she is fine.

"She will walk in a walker. She is going to be the next Paralympian champion."

In the weeks since Elsie was born, Mr Gordon said the couple have been very well supported by Evesham midwives, who he describes as "guardian angels" to Elsie.

"They have been amazing, absolutely brilliant," he said.

his wife and baby home from hospital after Natalie became unwell.

"I am hoping to have them home soon," he added. "She was given a 1 percent chance of living. I am just blown away by it all."

Mother and baby have been back in hospital this week after Miss Brown, 32, became unwell, but Mr Gordon is hoping to welcome them both home again very soon.

"She (Elsie) was given a one percent chance of living," he said. "I am just blown away by it all"

after being born has been described by her doting dad as a "miracle baby".