STUDENTS at Pershore High School took on eating challenges in their very own Man vs Food event, to raise awareness of a catering survey taking place.

Set up like the popular food show, Man vs Food, the inter-house competition was organised by sixth form students.

The competition was set up in several rounds, each a little more difficult than the last and saw students racing to be the quickest to eat four dry crackers, eating donuts suspended from a string with no hands and eating a bar of chocolate with a knife and fork whilst wearing oven gloves.

Each round eliminated students until there were just three left who had to eat jelly from a bowl with no hands.

Ben Neal, Magellan House Captain, came first earning points for the house.

It was done to raise awareness of a catering survey taking place in which students were invited to share their views on food choices in the dining room so the service can be constantly updated and enhanced.

Following the competition more than 200 students completed the catering survey.