A FLASHING speed sign in Pershore has recorded more than 1,000 speeding drivers in two weeks but local residents say it is starting to make a difference.

The vehicle activated sign was installed in Holloway in early March thanks to Pershore Town Council in order to make motorists using the road aware that the speed limit is 30mph.

And residents says people who are using the road as a rat run have begun to take notice of the sign and appear to be slowing down.

Jo Amphlett, of Holloway Hill, says the problem was so bad that she lost three cats within two years after they were knocked over by cars driving along the road.

"We have lost pets along there which is really sad, we lost three cats in two years," she said. "The problem with speeding has been going on for years but it really started being noticed when the road works were in place to widen the junction of Three Springs Road with Worcester Road.

"It gets used as a bit of a rat run. We just want people to be more aware of what speed they are doing."

And Mrs Amphlett said since the sign has been in place the cars seem to be reducing their speed.

"I get the feeling their speed is getting slower," she added. "It's nice to feel we are helping. Obviously there is still things to keep going on but the police and the town council have been ever so good. They get a lot of jip for what they do by no-one ever speaks about the good things they do."

Mayor of Pershore Charles Tucker said he was delighted the sign seemed to be making a difference.

He said: "The town council puts the vehicle activated sign up to remind people of the speed limits and it's good that it is actually making a difference.

"The town council is going to get another one so we will have two then. We have to move them around so people don't get used to them.

"It's important to keep on our toes all the time to ensure that we remind drivers that they have to respect the speed limits."