SHE shared every detail of her pregnancy on a blog and now an Evesham mum has made it through to the final rounds of the MAD blog awards competition.

Emma Harris, from St Marks Close, beat out thousands of entries to become one of the five finalists in the best pregnancy blog in the UK category of the mother and dad blog awards.

The 25-year-old mum of three, who won the same award in 2012 for her blog, Me the Man and the Baby, says it's not bad for someone who doesn't even like writing.

"I began blogging with the birth of first son, Oli, who is now four," said Mrs Harris, who went onto have baby Dylan, now 1, and newly born Charlotte, who is three-weeks-old.

"That was before it became really popular with parents. There used to be about 100 but now there are thousands. When Oli was born I wanted to record the experience and all the milestones. It was more for me really.

"I still like to keep it for me really, but I printed off Dylan's pregnancy posts and put it in a book for him."

Although she writes predominantly for herself Me the Man and the Baby now receives about 1,000 hits a day and each week Mrs Harris reviews a new pram.

"I get some funny looks in the playground when I have a new pram each week," she said. "But blogging is like therapy for me.

"I blogged about my severe morning sickness with Dylan and got so much help and support. My mental health suffered as well with maternal mental health. I think I share my experiences to help others.

"It's enjoyable and I get a lot out of it now. It's amazing the friends I have met and the contacts I have made. I've met Emma Bunton, and lots of celebrities.

"I don't even like writing or grammar but yet I write this blog."

Now despite the success of her pregnancy blogs Mrs Harris says this is the last baby for her and husband Gavin.

"Everyone keeps asking us if we are having another one as we had to get a bigger car, but Charlotte's is the last pregnancy blog."

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