"ONE of my all time favourites", is how a fan of fantasy novels described the first book penned by an Evesham author.

James Nash created Into the Trees, a dark fantasy about a cursed town trapped between sheer cliffs and a foreboding, ancient forest and is blighted with the birth of many deformed children.

The unfortunate youngsters are kidnapped and taken into the forest. But it is only when the teenage character of Evan Groon decides to see what is beyond the plagued town that the reason for it's woes is revealed.

The story was penned by the 32-year-old, who lives in Evesham and is a former pupil of Harvington CE Primary, St Egwins Middle School and Prince Henry's High School.

He decided to write the story after becoming tired with the standard fantasy novels available.

"I wrote Into the Trees because I wanted to create a story that was a little different to the normal fantasy template, something I'd enjoy myself.

"I do like this type of book having grown up with the likes of Narnia and Lord of the Rings, but was getting a little tired of the standard elves, dwarves and wizards.

"I aimed to write something grittier, having as many unique elements as possible, as well as creating a world to really lose yourself in."

And the venture has proved quite successful for Mr Nash, who currently works at an environmental compliance company in Stratford.

He added: "One of my readers from the states has been in touch to see if there will be any more. It’s quite humbling to get direct feedback like that and great to know the years of work I put into it has given enjoyment to people I’ve never met.

"The sales are still good, with a few thousand copies having moved in the USA and plenty of 5 star reviews.

"I’m just glad sites like Amazon enable me to sell around the world, but of course I’d like it to be equally as popular over here."