YOUNGSTERS at an Evesham school were delighted to witness a story of hope and transformation in song, rhythm and dance when they were visited by the Destiny Africa Children's Choir.

Pupils at St Richard's CE First School welcomed the choir, which comes from the Kampala Children’s Centre in Uganda where their mission statement is Giving the best to the least.

The centre opened in 2005 to support children left orphaned or displaced from the rebel war and those living in poverty stricken slums.

Its vision to give a loving home, education and a happy childhood to the orphans of Uganda by providing hope to the helpless and a new start for the most vulnerable of children.

Destiny Bridge Academy is the on-site school which provides education for the orphaned children and also those from the nearby community of Wakiso Town.

They are constantly seeking to develop the range of schooling provision on offer so they can help resource the wider community.

The Destiny Africa Children’s Choir is an example of what the centre has achieved and they have perfomed around the world sharing their story of hope and transformation.

Headteacher Elizabeth Spencer said: "The Children at St Richard's were completely enthralled with the performance by The Destiny Africa Children's Choir.

"The rhythm of the drums and the singing sent them all swaying and clapping in time. When the choir members introduced themselves, said how old they were, and what their aspirations were, our pupils listened intently.

"Our pupils were anxious to support the choir and they have decided to send the retiring collection from their Easter Service as a donation to the project in Kampala.

"At the end of the morning our Pupils returned the compliment by singing our School song to the Choir, who expressed a desire to learn it, and make it their own."

To support the centre