POLICE are investigating a string of bike thefts in Evesham which happened overnight last night (Monday into Tuesday).

Sgt Phil Stayte, of the safer neighbourhood tea, warned people to keep their bikes in a secure place, to remain vigilant and to take note of their bicycle frame number so police can trace them if they are stolen.

The thefts happened in St Catherine's Road in Evesham (two bikes taken from two neighbouring properties) and there were two further thefts of bikes in St Margaret's Road. One of the bikes taken was a blue and silver Carrera mountain bike with 21 gears worth between £250 and £300.

Sgt Stayte said: "All the bikes were left in a position where they could just be pushed away. They were not locked up or in garages. If a bike is left lying around there are people who will take off with it. We are hoping somebody may have witnessed something which may give us a line of inquiry."

Police would like to hear from anyone who saw a man loitering around the area at around midnight.

Those with information about these thefts can contact police on 101, quoting 83s310314 (St Margaret's Road) and 212s310314 (for anyone who saw someone loitering around St Catherine's Road) and 218s5310314 if you have information about the theft of the Carrera from St Catherine's Road.