POLICE stormed two houses during raids designed to show that drugs have no place in Worcester and dealers have nowhere to hide.

Eighteen officers were involved in two rapid entry raids in Tolladine just before 11am yesterday , one in Rose Avenue and the other in Holly Mount Road.

At the latter address, officers found half an ounce of cannabis and some scales which were seized. Nothing was found at the other house.

No arrests were made, but officers said inquiries were still ongoing.

Officers rushed into the semi-detached house in Rose Avenue and later sent in a sniffer dog to look for drugs.

They found no drugs, but did find £500 in cash.

During the raid in Rose Avenue, a woman inside the property shouted out of the window: “They’re bringing the dogs in!”.

She also shouted: “Just get the job done and get out!”

People came out into their front gardens to watch the drama unfold while some watched from their windows or sat astride mopeds outside.

A resident watching in Rose Avenue said: “It’s better than EastEnders this is.”

PC Tim Wood said: “This sends out a message that drugs will not be tolerated in this area or any other area.”

Sgt Thomas Clayton of the Rainbow Hill/Gorse Hill safer neighbourhood team who led the warrants said: “Aside from the seizing of evidence, it gives reassurance to the community that we are targeting priority concerns and also it sends a message out to the people we are targeting.”

Paul Adams, tenancy enforcement manager at Worcester Community Housing, which manages the property in Rose Avenue, said: “If it is serious enough, people can lose their homes.

If you choose to allow drugs to be dealt in your property, the chances are we will look at removing you from your property. It is the tenant that is responsible.”

During the raids officers also stopped a driver in Holly Mount Road because he was not wearing a seatbelt.